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A Holistic Approach to Skincare

Creator of Milda Apothecary, Analise, is certified clinical herbalist, flower essence practitioner and clinical nutritionist trained in the Vitalist tradition. She sees her products as being supportive topically for many skin conditions but what may be surfacing on the skin can be an indicator for deeper metabolic imbalances.

Analise believes in a holistic approach to skincare,  in combination with our skincare products we need to be nourishing all of our systems such as digestive, nervous, hepatic, etc. in order to truly support our skins optimal health. 

If you would like to dive deeper into your health, you can book a session with Analise at The Wildflower Clinic.

Sessions can be held in person or virtually with an initial comprehensive 2 hour health consultation, custom formulation of your herbal formulas, custom drafted protocol sheet with supplement and lifestyle recommendations, our Signature 6 week elimination diet eBook with all recipes included, additional educational/ research handouts pertaining to your condition, goals, and symptoms, and reasonable email support in between sessions. 


View Analise’s clinical bio here.

Clinical Inquiries:

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