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HAND HEALING SALVE is a powerful blend of infused botanical oils that are exceptional for not only dry hands, feet, elbows and dry skin that require an intensive hydrating treatment. With a high concentration of fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and healing vitamins, this salve rejuvenates, heals and moisturizes dry, chapped, and cracked skin. It may also be used for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes and bug bites. 

Healing Hand Salve

SKU: 0001
  • Shea butter*, Coconut oil*, Calendula oil*, Olive oil* Beeswax*, Cocoa butter*, Plantain oil*, St. John’s wort oil*, Mullen oil*, Marshmallow root oil*, Vitamin E oil*, Sea buckthorn oil*, Rosehip seed oil*, Patchouli^, Chamomile*, Geranium^, Lavender*, Sandalwood^ and Yarrow*.

    *= Organic

    ^= Wildcrafted

  • 2 oz

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